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impact of project management

The impact of making project management and collaboration a part of a businesses’ culture is clear.

According to PMI’s Pulse of the Profession 2016, an annual global project management survey, $122 million is wasted for every $1 billion invested as a result of poor project performance.

Having the right processes and tools will help ensure your projects finish on time and on budget. This means getting products to market faster, implementing business process improvements sooner and ensuring projects that impact your customers produce a positive influence on your brand’s customer experience.

*These stats are courtesy PMI’s Pulse of the Profession 2016, an annual global project management survey.

Culture of project management

At organizations that place a high priority on creating a culture that recognizes the importance of project management 71% of projects meet original goals and business intent, compared with 52% at organizations that make it a low priority.

Impacting project performance

Having proven project, program and portfolio management practices in place makes a dramatic difference in project performance. 89% of projects at high-performing organizations meet original goals and business intent.

Top Down Support & Engagement

An actively engaged executive sponsor is the top driver of project and program success. Organizations with more than 80% of projects that have executive sponsor support have 65% more projects that are successful.


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